Dessert ou Fromage?

fromage2Once back in my 30s I hosted a dinner party for which I wanted to serve cheese after dinner. I had heard it was a cool Euro thing to do. But then I was like, how do you fit in dessert with cheese? And Will anyone want it? And isn’t that a lot of food? And also looming in the back on of my mind:  How on earth does one serve cheese AND dessert… And How do the French stay so skinny eating all this??? A little was cleared-up for me when I read Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard in which she explained that it’s an either/or…as in Dessert ou Fromage? One or the other. Not both. Choose and choose wisely. Sweet or savory, but either way, creamy calories.

Yet, I had never seen this offering or indulging play-out in the restaurants I frequent, so when I saw the theory in action during lunch in Treigny at Le Carrouge, it was pretty cool. On the prix fix lunch menu it literally said Dessert ou Fromage and the choices were Crème Brulée or a selection of Fromage. I got the former, my husband took the latter.


And it was quite fun last night, after dinner and before two rounds of Yahtzee, to hear Jacqueline ask, “Would you like some cheese?” The smellier the better, of course. So our selection of four cheeses was the perfect end to a wonderful meal and great nourishment for two battles with dice.


Dessert ou Fromage. Which should one choose?


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