Settling into the City of Lights with Bruscetta & Salad, La Tour Eiffel & Rosé

We last visited this city in 2009 with three children in tow–a newly-blended family experimenting with a first trip together. “Quite an undertaking,” my husband says now.   My version is slightly different. More like blurry dotted with a few crisp images of happiness. It was my first trip to Europe and nothing like I imagined. So while this is not my second trip to Europe (more like my 6th), it is my second trip to Paris, and gloriously it is without children. None. Nada. Zilch. That’s a big, fat ZERO. Neither students or my own. I feel relaxed and peaceful and ready to have some fun.

Yesterday afternoon we settled into our apartment about three blocks from Trocadero in the 16th Arr. Nestled deep in a residential neighborhood, it feels homey, and the rich, bohemian décor nudges this feeling right along with red and brown vélour, candles and hardwood floors. The main goal? Walk the neighborhood, visit Trocadéro, find the market, make a plan. So the menu last night was a return to the super-simple bruschetta I prepared last week for our friends, along with green salad topped with a red wine vinaigrette. The perfect, light welcome to such a heady city.


With some rest & some nourishment we were able to venture out again to see the lights…and the crowds…on the hour, every hour, on the Trocadéro. A perfect view of La Tour Eiffel and a great start to the week.



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