The one in which the refrigerator dies and we have to go out for Mexican food…

There never is a good time for an appliance to fail. In this house, we’ve replaced the dishwasher (my first husband helped my current husband install it), the stove/range (I stupidly bought the exact same model of the one that failed after only a few years, not realizing it until a colleague said, “Well, that wasn’t very smart…”), and the water heater (can you say cold showers?). We *almost* had to replace the washing machine this past year except that the repairman–when we finally got someone to show up at our house a month later after going to a laundromat every week on Saturday–found one of my son’s socks in the water pump! Now, it’s the refrigerator.

I guess, in retrospect, it’s a little like a marriage that dies slowly without anyone really noticing; the crisp, cool interior with the milk, yogurts, lunchmeats, cheese and produce over time became warmer little-by-little so that, this past weekend, when we finally realized we had a problem, it was too late. My husband really wants to bring in a repair person to see if we can salvage this one. The freezer still is chilling (but not freezing), so it’s currently the temporary location for some perishables that aren’t chilling on ice in coolers on the back deck. Someone is coming today at 3. If he can fix it, I will finally get my garage-beverage fridge this year (can you say keg-er-ator?) because my husband concedes that we still probably should get a new one.

The point, though, is that sometimes things can happen when we aren’t looking. This repair job might be the “eye-opener” we needed to make sure we do a better job of keeping the coils clean of cat hair–paying attention to it and recognizing when it needs to be serviced. To keep it going. Appliances, like marriages, can be fragile sometimes, and we just have to remember to keep them healthy and maintained and working strongly.

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