Tacos for Two…

Last night we decided to stay in. On a Saturday night! Usually I just want to eat out all weekend, and especially since the kids are mostly gone, it just seems like a vacation not to cook. But yesterday, we did the errands…farm co-op (because, yes, despite my intentions EVER when I was 20, I have ended in an old farm-town trying to squeak into the early 2000s), cute-ish health food store for lavender oil, cash. Then, off to the extension community–Target, Best Buy, Costo, and lastly, ONLY because we had a gift card, Buffalo Wild Wings. Twenty-five dollars. We sat in the bar, ordered beer and nachos…and waited.

I was very surprised. The nacho chips were okay, maybe a little better than average, but the topings were fantastic! Jalapanos, beef chili with kidney beans, and oh, queso. The queso was creamy and warm and spicy and light  and silky and decadent. And we had such a great time. Watching basketball (or him doing that, mostly). Buffalo wild wings. I would have thought, even through the ordering, that I would never have gone there again. Now, I might. Return, that is.


Then, in the afterglow of a fun afternoon with nachos, beer and ball, the question becomes what to do for dinner. It’s an odd time of day, four o’clock. To eat or not to eat. Dinner. That is the question. But then I thought of the beef and queso and decided that tacos had to be on the menu. What I’ve finally realized is that my old-school tacos from the 80s, when my mom insanely prepared every taco for each of us children (and at 12 I could eat 12), need a change-up. I’ve upgraded to mild ranch and avocado. I love quartered grape tomatoes and chopped cilantro. I’ve come to savor the hand-tossed white corn tortillas. By lastly, and most recently, I’m totally diggin’ feta in place of shredded cheddar. Sharp. Cheesy. Salty. The best.

And the next best? Recognizing that I’m totally excited for the next chapter of my life with my partner. It will be tremendous fun.

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