Eggs benedict…”in bed”

Eggs benedict are many things. Rich, creamy, silky, decadent, drip-off-the-spoon momentous, exquisite. Such was my delicious experience this morning at Semiahmoo Resort & Spa. We did something uncharacteristic, unusual, out-of-the-ordinary and extraordinary, all at the same time. We went for a drive that turned into an over-nighter. Blissfully. A sublime overnighter.

Do you ever have those rare moments when you say, I’ve got to get out of this place? And it actually happens? You flee the boundaries of space and time and ordinary? You decide that you are not going to vacuum or buy groceries or weed the yard…just for one day? And it’s abandon. You just basically jump ship. Most adults I know don’t take the opportunity to do that…that often. And when they do, it’s just for a few hours. But what if you could dip yourself into some silky chocolate for 24 hours? You get Semiahmoo.

All of it was true…we went to the boy’s basketball game, got gas and headed North. We stumbled on Silver Reef Casino at Lummi Nation, a surprise encounter and more surprising experience. Not in the entire 10 years that I have known my husband has he won money on blackjack. But $50 later for him, and $.06 later for me after depositing $20 into a slot machine, we continued on. Feeling inspired and invigorated and on a momentary holiday journey. Twenty-four hours. That’s waht we did.

We landed at Semiahmoo and teased ourselves that it was just a day trip. That we might consider heading home. But we both knew, deep down, that we were in for the night. And they had an ocean-view room. A great oyster bar. A central lodge fireplace. Games. Wine. It was blissful.

And so it ended this morning with eggs benedict in bed. Room service that included hotel robes (always fun), delicious coffee,  a nice, spicy bloody mary and Ender’s Game. We extended our checkout by an hour. Used the toothbrushes and toothpaste that were our only overnight supplies. Showered. Walked on the beach. Relaxed. Enjoyed. This is the life.


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