Chocolate smoothie yumminess

Finally a smoothie I can rally around! This month, when I stumbled upon three chocolate smoothie recipes in Cooking Light, I thought, THANK YOU! I’m okay with fruit smoothies, but I always prefer chocolate & savory over fruity & simple. I was surprised that this recipe actually includes dates, and I was even more surprised that there were a few minutes of date-prep before blending. The same was true with banana. The instructions called for slicing a half a banana and THEN freezing. These two elements together mean that a little advance planning is required if I’m going to have the smoothie, again, because I certainly wasn’t expecting it this morning.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m definitely not a breakfast person. Not only is it not a priority, it’s a bit of a waste of time at the worst time of the day when I’m trying to get out the door, and to me breakfast food isn’t nearly as interesting as dinner. So my breakfast menu has run the gamut from plain cereal/yogurt/fruit to breakfast burritos and sandwiches to specialty oatmeals (Cooking Light’s Lemon-Blueberry with Mascarpone and Chai Spice and Pear are my favorites) to my latest breakfast polenta with fruit & pine nuts. Recently I tried sweet potato waffles and they were pretty good, but they didn’t make me a breakfast fan.

This probably goes back to my youth when my brothers and I would awake and get ourselves off to school in the morning, and this included feeding ourselves for the day by making breakfast and packing our own lunches. My mother worked a graveyard clerical job transcribing communications, and that worked for her because she was not a social butterfly, to say the least. But in those years, with my love of sleeping in and a teenage girl’s penchant for using up all my time doing my hair and makeup, I learned to skip breakfast–the least important meal of my day, anyway. Not a good habit to get into, yes, but I don’t think any of my eating habits growing up were great since our dinner menu consisted of an array of frozen Banquet family meals, boxed mashed potatoes and mushy, canned vegetables. Lunch by my senior year was down to a chocolate snack pack pudding and a bag of Cheetos which I (yes, I did) dipped INTO the chocolate pudding. Salty & sweet. I was ahead of my time. I had tolerated enough of making sandwiches, anyway.

But back to the issue at hand:  breakfast, now, in my real world, when I have to be to work waaaaaayyyy too early for a normal human being. One can see now why the smoothie is such a great solution, and a velvety-chocolate smoothie is an even better one. With daylight coming to the party earlier these days, my drive to work is a little happier, and this smoothie makes it great.

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