For Valentine’s dinner, this past week, I made Paula Dean’s crabcakes. I’ve tried about a dozen different crab cake recipes, and this really is the moistest, most let-the-crab-shine-through cakes I’ve made. Today, when hubs was thinking about them for leftovers, I jumped on the chance to try my traditional artichoke tartar with sriracha. Don’t know why this came to mind. Sifting through the contents of the fridge today and ran across Sriracha? Remembered a couple I met at AP training four years ago who taught in Kazakhstan who bought cases of Sriracha to take back with them–their three children could not handle the blandness of the food without Sriracha? Not sure. But it was fantastic.  An absolute winner.

Now tonight I am making sushi. I have everything prepped for California Roll, Spicy Tuna, and maki with albacore & unagi.

Yay! I have never made spicy tuna, before. Now, based on the earlier reactions today, we’re using sriracha mayo with our sushi, tonight. An interesting read when I searched for Spicy Tuna Sushi was Nami’s commentary on Japanese cooking and mayo. Thank goodness I’m not just crazy…mayo & sushi, in many ways, really do make sense.


This is probably the best sushi I’ve ever made and the spicy mayonnaise totally made the difference.



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