Enough with the sweet potatoes, already!

“Well, you know, I just have a hard time with the taste of sweet potatoes,” said Ben on this leisurely Sunday morning, back from the state wrestling match as of 1:30 a.m., and back to crosswords and lazy animals on the sofa. This was in response to my thinking about breakfast, which honestly in my brain was something like, Let’s go to Stilly Diner, but in reality was more like, we really should stay home and have something healthy but I really don’t feel like pulling away from recipes and the paper right now and hey, I think breakfast is an annoying ritual anyway what with all the wasting time sitting to eat when you have a DAY ahead, baby! Thinking that there must be something fun to have for breakfast that’s not oatmeal or breakfast chia pudding with fruit or a “clean” smoothie, I looked up “clean breakfast” and landed on “15 Clean Eating Recipes for Breakfast,” then clicked to Sweet Potato Waffles. I realized, once I’d landed on the page, that I’d been to the Running to the Kitchen blog, before. I’ve only made a couple of Gina’s recipes, but they seemed solid-enough. And that is the reason for my husband’s response…because I suggested her sweet potato waffles.

“Well, you put syrup on them anyway so waffles already are supposed to be sweet.” I thought this until I started making the recipe. I realized the maple syrup is in the batter, not on the finished waffle. So I’m going to punt on this one because I’m not a big fan of waffles or sweet breakfasts, and I’m even less of a fan of dry waffles. I only have a half of a sweet potato, leftover in the fridge, so they won’t be overly-sweet-potato-ish.

First, when Gina says the batter will be thick, she means THICK. I’m holding the mixing bowl 90 degrees.


Second, these do not thin out, which means the shape you see when you close the lid is the shape you will see when you open it.


She says to cook according to the directions of the waffle maker, but with regular waffles, if cooked on medium or medium-low heat, when they are browned, they are ready. But this texture is more like cooked dough, so I just wasn’t sure and ended up cooking them about six or seven minutes. Notice how the edges look like they could still be raw?


But then the test…

“Alright, well, we’ll see how it goes….They definitely look healthy.” And then, wait for it, “hmmm…pretty good.” And this from the guy who isn’t a fan of sweet potatoes. And then later, I asked, “so you’re good with that?” “Yeah, it’s sweet potato?” He says quizzically… “I’m likin’ it.” And finally, the pièce de résistance of his feedback, “I have to say I’m really likin’ this. I didn’t expect to. But especially with the blueberries and the yogurt.”


And now my turn. Wow. These flavors are fantastic, and the vanilla yogurt really does make the dish, even if it’s not “clean.”

So, a sweet potato win, people. Despite my reservations throughout the cooking process, I would call this a win.

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