…and then wondering what to eat.

Ever return from a fun getaway where you laughed and ate and laughed some more? And then, late in the day in the light of your own kitchen you have to figure out something to eat? It’s so strange for me to transition between these times because my thought is, what next? Do I eat my leftover Public House Flagship Burger from Crockett’s in Puyallup, where I treated myself to lunch alone at one of my favorite pubs in that town, new since my departure and the source of a huge disappointment that I didn’t get to live there in the era of better Puyallup dining? Should I have stopped at Taco Time in Bothell when I stopped by my friend’s on the way home? Should I stick with the pattern of the weekend and just order out? Leftover fajitas from the fridge? A clean salad? Trader Joe’s flatbread? Nothing? Cake?

I’m hungry but I’m not hungry. I’m a bit restless but I’m also relaxed. There’s a next thing this weekend, the fun isn’t over, so technically I’m still on a bit of a holiday.


[okay, 30-minute break]

I had the Flagship burger–still amazing–and a slice of Mom’s chocolate birthday cake–even better the second day.

Now, on with the rest of the weekend…

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