Rosemary-infused Olive Oil with Dried Chilis and Peppercorns

I LOVE infused olive oil, but it’s so expensive to buy. I mean, it’s expensive when it’s not infused, and even moreso when it is because where do you buy good, infused olive oil except specialty kitchen shops and farmer’s markets? So years ago I started to make my own. I learned quickly that it’s not as simple as dumping a bunch of stuff in a bottle and pouring olive oil on top. First, my cousin discovered that fresh ingredients mold in olive oil because oil is not a preservative like vinegar (now I think, “duh!” but then we weren’t quite so clued-in). I used to dry my own rosemary to use in bottles for holiday gifts, but I ran into a problem. I couldn’t keep enough of this supply for my own uses. I needed to figure out how to make infused oils quickly, but rosemary is mandatory in my oil world. Then I realized I probably could infuse oil on the stovetop. And it works amazingly well.

This recipe should be tinkered-with and adjusted according to the intensity of flavors preferred….

Rosemary-infused Olive Oil Blend


Bunch of fresh rosemary
Bunch of peppercorns (I just get a Costco container)
Dried, red chilis from an Asian food market


  1. Put all in a pot on the stove, cover with olive oil, and bring to med heat. When it’s warmed thoroughly, turn the temperature to low and let sit for about a half an hour.
  2. Strain, cool, and pour into bottles.

In my own kitchen, I love my Rachael Ray EVOO bottle:


But for gift-giving, the 12-oz quadra bottles from Amazon are the best:


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