Panko-breaded shrimp and Working Girl

Okay, I’m not a fan of Melanie Griffith. In fact, I always have thought she is pretty dumb. I have no basis for this except for my exposure to her in Working Girl when she played a dingbat (on the outside), but not that stupid overall. In fact, a tiny bit interesting. Now that I’m looking that movie again, 28 years later (!!!???)

So I’ve been watching a few of this era and genre recently, and I’m starting to become aware of a tug-of-war that women and the industry were engaging in during the 70s and 80s in regard to the role of a woman in a movie. And the role of a woman in life. Should I want a family and a job and is that right? Should I have to choose between being a career woman and a mom? Can I be a woman who reports to a woman? Is it acceptable to be a woman being oppressed by another woman?

And all this while I a have the luxury to enjoy panko-breaded shrimp. Tonight had a movie and snacks with a friend, but got home in time to have an hour with the hubs before he went to sleep only to head off tomorrow for a day-long wrestling tournament. And just now I am digging into Working Girl. I have enjoyed the time alone this last few weeks since he’s been occupied with wrestling. But now it’s time to be a couple again.

And then…what is the role of a woman in life? Is it okay to want to have your husband home, again? … and more…

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