A Costco-sized bag of Jasmine Rice…

Thursday after school I went to Costco for the monthly “major” run (there are many “minor” runs throughout a month, but only one gigantic, stock-up trip), and I was super-excited to find 25 lb. bag of Jasmine rice for $12. And so first, I probably should question my ethics in buying such a giant bag of rice for so cheaply–am I exploiting the farmer or are the non-warehouse stores exploiting me with their gouging prices for Jasmine rice?*

Anyway, sooooo excited. My son actually once got annoyed with me for being a typical consumer, and just like I’m an ardent feminist who likes pink, I also am an ardent feminist who loves shopping and good deals. And so a 25 lb. bag of my favorite rice? Whoa!

At the end of the evening, after our youngest’s LAST  high school jazz concert performance, when we were all back home and the grandparents were playing piano, my husband returns. And just before I head to bed, my husband pulls out paperwork from his doctor appointment earlier in the afternoon. Seems he’s pre-diabetic. Doctor said the easiest thing is to cut out everything white. Like 25 pounds of Jasmine rice.


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