Tea for the girlies?

My stepdaughter Hannah goes to Quest University in Squamish, BC. About three hours away so not so bad, but a royal pain in the ass because of the border. That alone could make it a 4+ hour trip on a bad day. Needless to say, we don’t get there that often. When we go, it’s fun because there’s a hotel we love with a brewing company & restaurant. Can’t go wrong there. But I always wonder what I could do for Hannah since I’m far-enough away that frequent trips are not the norm. There’s no way I will be able to host a graduation party for her when she finishes school next year in ’18 unless we pay through the nose at a restaurant. What could I do that would feel and be special for just her and her friends? I have an idea, but I’m not sure if it will work. A tea party.

I can take her a tea party. Everything. Tea sandwiches, scones, deviled eggs, quiche, and of course…really good tea, and, of course again, Prosecco. They will be seniors and 21, of course. Sounds fun and one might think, “that’s so sweet that you want to do that for her!”

But here’s the thing. Hannah and I aren’t, well, close. Because, ahem, I’m not her mom. This was pointed out to me fairly often in the first many years by both her and her mother. I’ve been accused of ambushing her. I have a tendency to be direct and hash things out, and well, my husband his family do not. So I often come across as the bad “guy” (I feel). And if I offer a party, I’ll likely get hemming and hawing and, “well, I’m not really sure,” and “maybe…” And whatever else. And I just feel jaded and fearful of being vulnerable to another rejection.

But maybe a tea party is neutral-enough and a bit of an olive branch and, perhaps, the one thing I can do because she loves tea and tea rooms and everything that goes with tea. And it seems one can’t lose when anything involves food and a party because “it’s a good thing.”

So here’s a possible menu:

Tea sanwiches
-Egg salad
-Ham, brie and apple
-Herb cream cheese, cucumber and sprouts

Scones with two kinds of jam:
-Vanilla bean peach
-Cherry Amaretto
(both my own)

Deviled eggs

Quiche Lorraine squares

Fresh fruit

Shortbread & coconut poundcake

Tea & Prosecco

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