A tuna sandwich, alone.

Is there nothing better than a decadent albacore tuna sandwich with fatly-sliced pickles and crispy romaine. Alone? By yourself? With Netflix? That is where I am right now. My lovely husband, a superhero, is off coaching a wrestling match, tonight. His kids are with their mom…so I have the lovely opportunity to have an evening alone. I’ve had a few, lately, but they never seem like enough.

No TV sports to contend with in the living room, no mouths to feed, no kids going up & down the stairs, or bursting into the living room after stomps on the front porch an hour before or after expected…seriously, the kid needs a GPS.

Not to say that I don’t love my family–I DO!!! They are exciting and amazing and interesting. And I try to chisel their expressions into my memory every time we are together.

But still, there’s nothing like a tuna sandwich, with Netflix, on the sofa, alone.

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