Movin’ it on out…

Hubby’s having poker night here tomorrow night. Not sure what the youngest & I will do (I suggest a movie, but he 16 & SUPER-picky, so that might not work out). The poker host, as you might guess, is responsible for providing snacks (aka an excuse for 50-year-old men to eat junk one entire night a month). Thinking about the budget and what’s on hand, here’s the offering:

  • Nachos with Juanita’s (amazing) tortilla chips that I still have from August, along with medium cheddar (just on sale at Safeway for $5/2 lbs.) and leftover block of jack cheese. Buy tonight:  one avocado.
  • Little smokies left over from last Christmas–Costco always has these on sale in three-packs, and that’s a lot, even for a hungry crowd. In the fridge from the summer–Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce. Buy tonight:  nothing.
  • Slices of apricot-glazed pork tenderloin and cubes of Jarlsberg cheese. Wedge of Jarlsberg purchased at Costco in August for hubby’s 50th party but went unused (because I couldn’t find it in the crazy fridge on that night) and leftover slices of pork tenderloin from tonight’s dinner. Buy tonight:  nothing.
  • Veggie tray with mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, cuke & Ranch. Buy tonight:  all but broccoli & ranch (BUT Ranch is from a Costco two-pack purchased last summer).

Cheapest poker night, ever.

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