Amped-up Huevos Rancheros

The morning after Halloween, especially when it’s the weekend, retains the festive feel of the night before. Sadly, we were down to 35 trick-or-treaters this year (from over 100 two years ago), but that gave more time to visit with the man-child, who’s home from college for the weekend. Today, we’re off to a hometown high school football game for which my husband is announcing–his first football announcing gig ever at his school. The Saturday game is an unusual one–a product of a Halloween night scheduling that was reconsidered following a string of reschedules during the past week in response to the recent school shooting in our community. So we’ll all pile into the car and head-up after a morning of yumminess and preparing yumminess.

First order of business–get soup going in the slow-cooker. Last week I prepared baked potatoes & beans. I’d read that it’s a popular English dish, plus dried beans were on sale at Safeway for $1 a bag. However, I did not cook the beans according to the directions in the recipe because, well, I guess I was thinking I could do a better job on my own. The result? It was a “least fave” of the things I’ve cooked because it was dry. It needed some sort of sauce or gravy. Not sure. At any rate, I have all these beans, which in themselves were great because I’d added fresh thyme, sage & rosemary along with bacon. I also have Spanish chorizo in the freezer that I found a Costco–it’s so difficult to find in my area that I snapped up a package as soon as I saw them. I recalled making Portuguese White Bean and Kale soup years ago that was really delicious, and since Spanish chorizo is the closest we can come here to the real Portuguese sausage we enjoyed while in Lisbon years ago, it’s seems like a fun Fall comfort food.

Next order of business–sweets for the boy. I haven’t been making many baked goods these days since the youngest really only likes one or two kinds of cookies and nothing else, BUT this weekend the man-child will love the pampering of yummy baked sweets. Thanks to two fall favorites, my son’s sweet-tooth will be fully satisfied:  Emeril’s Kicked-up Oatmeal Cookies (2004) and Bon Appetit’s Spiced Bundt Cake with Apple Caramel Sauce (2012, to which I can’t resist adding chunks of Honeycrisp apples). A couple of modifications–I’m omitting nuts from the cookies and adding to the white chocolate chips the season’s new Toll House Pumpkin Spice chips. I’m also substituting golden raisins for the black raisins because I like them better.

Third order of business–start dinner preparations. This past week I prepared pinto beans (that $1/bag sale was a steal!) by soaking them bell peppers, onions and sliced limes and cooking them in the soaking liquid. The fragrance even drew my husband over to the pot. I prepared them with tonight’s dinner in mind–Bon Appetit’s Chicken Flautas with Chipotle Crema (2008).

Whew! At this point, it was 9:30 a.m. and I realized we I needed to get breakfast preparations going. I already had the prepared pinto beans and chorizo, so Huevos Rancheros made sense and sounded delicious. They’re “amped-up” thanks to the chorizo along with jack & sharp cheddar cheeses, sliced jalapenos and poached eggs:

Amped-up Huevos Rancheros (for 2)

3-4 eggs

One link Spanish chorizo, casing removed & chopped

1/2 c. shredded jack cheese

1/2 c. shredded sharp ceddar cheese

1 c. prepared, seasoned pinto beans or black beans

2 8-9″ flour tortillas

Chopped avocado

Chopped Roma tomato

Sour cream

Salsa verde


  1. Saute chopped chorizo in oil until cooked through, then add in pinto beans to warm. Keep warm over low heat.
  2. Begin poaching the eggs. (see Alton Brown’s Perfect Poached Eggs).
  3. Warm one tortilla in a skillet–warm on one side, then flip to warm on the other. After flipping, sprinkle shredded cheese over the entire surface and spoon half the Chorizo & bean mixture onto one half. Remove to a plate. Repeat with the second tortilla.
  4. Using a slotted spoon, lift the poached eggs out of the water and lay them gently over the bean mixture–1 to 2 eggs per tortilla. Fold the cheesy half of the tortilla over the egg(s).
  5. Serve with avocado, tomato, sour cream & salsa verde.

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