The week in review….

Gone are the weekly menus that pulled me into the kitchen for two hours in the evening after work for much-needed “cooking therapy.” Things are a little quicker and lighter these days. Here’s the week in review with reduced expectations for days that N is here…options are limited with a picky eater.

  • Monday(N)-Vietnamese Caramel Pork, Cooking Light 5/2014
    (N eats rice and probably will eat the pork, but will pick everything else out)
  • Tuesday (N)-Turkey “French Dip” Paninis & Caesar Salad (N will make a salami panini and have the salad)
  • Wednesday-Mushroom, spinach & corn quesedillas with avocado & salsa
  • Thursday-Mussaman Curry from THAI: the essence of Asian Cooking (Bastyra, Judy, 2003)
  • Friday (N)-home made pizza with Safeway Select pre-made pizza dough
  • Saturday-Sushi in Squamish! The thing I’m looking forward to that day.

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