Simply Sunday II

Again, the empty-nesting feeling. It’s a good thing. Friday night, we decided that yesterday (Saturday), we would go on a hike. After seven years of staying home and focusing solely on children (not being a martyr, but I’ve never really been insistently selfish about doing my own thing with kids in the house), we now have the opportunity to play a little without how it will fit into the kiddo plans…driving someone to a friend’s house, having friends over, band car washes, pit orchestra practices, sports, etc.

HOWEVER, yesterday morning (this being the Saturday of the planned hike), my dad called and said he thought he’d come up and help us knock some minor “handyman” projects off the list–installing a new sump pump outside, retrofitting a condensation exhaust, fixing the kids’ upstairs toilet (right above our bedroom) because it has seemed to run ALL THE TIME. This is pretty darn huge that my dad decided, all of a sudden, to drive 90 minutes to see us and help us out for a few hours. Since we’re both teachers, and neither of us is particularly inclined to spend our time learning how to do fix-it projects, this is a gift that we couldn’t deny. We stayed home for the day, my dad helped us do many list items with which we really needed assistance, and he had an opportunity to work on projects without making my mom crazy.

So…here we are on Sunday. The “Simple Sunday” take on this whole hiking issue is “Thank God for the slow cooker.” I was happy to find and be reminded of Cooking Light’s March 2014 “Spicy Chicken Cacciatore” recipe. It’s now in the crock pot. Afternoon football games are almost over. Most of my “must-do” school work is done, and it’s a short hike, anyway, only 30 minutes away.

So, another accomplishment for making my weekends a bit easier and more fun. Oh, and enjoyed a great movie last night. Out-lasted my husband on staying awake until midnight. That NEVER happens.

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