Simple Sundays….?

So, Sundays used to be big cooking days for me. The boys all were watching football with their laptops in the living room & fantasy football trackers moving. However, this year the two oldest are off to college–one already and the other in two days. So, I’m wondering, should Sundays be simple? Big Sunday meals are great IF you have all day and IF you have enough people to eat what you cook. With the household down to two or three people on a given Sunday, I’m wondering if that should be the case.

So this is why, a week ago, we had Spinach and Ham Stuffed Potatoes from Cooking Light, 09/14–pared-down for two. I *LOVE* Cooking Light, but these weren’t great. A bit dry. Perhaps the spinach (which I love) didn’t go well with the ham? Not sure. But simply MUST figure out some great, celebratory Sunday meals for two. After a day of football…or planning & grading. I want to relish my time and have luxurious Sunday food, but I don’t want to spend hours. This is new for me. And strange. And perhaps (and a part of my says “hopefully”) a short-lived experiment.

So, tonight….boys were gone at tennis matches until late. I’m listening to TED Radio Hour in the Kitchen. Cooking up Vietnamese Caramel Pork  from 05/14 Cooking Light. I guess we’re taking leftovers tomorrow…..

One thought on “Simple Sundays….?

  1. A follow-up to this post. These were dry. Stick with a traditional twice-baked, or don’t have them if you’re focused on cooking “light.”

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