When “Cooking Light” …. isn’t

So, tonight I had one of the many “It’s on the menu for the week, but it’s just not happening” nights. I went to a recipe I saw today that interested me, primarily because it’s super-easy and quick. The youngest is headed to a movie with friends, and hubby and I have been working all day (can you say Colonial America….settlement patterns & characteristics of success?). I opted for Cooking Light’s 5/14 recipe, “Grilled Turkey, Apple and Cheddar Sandwiches.” Leaning over the island and discussing dinner, I recounted to my husband our ingredients-on-hand:  mesquite turkey, sliced Swiss cheese AND a Fuji apple (the recipe called for roasted turkey, sharp cheddar and Granny Smith apple). We also had NO mango chutney, nor did we have “multi-grain bread” in 1-ounce slices. Yes, Dave’s Killer Bread. Yes, Orowheat Double Fiber. No on 1-ounce-sliced bread.

So, here’s what transpired. Basic grilled cheese with mesquite turkey & Swiss cheese for the kiddo, CHECK! Sliced apple and bell pepper on the side, CHECK! Store run for husband, CHECK. When he finally returns home with the parcel, we discover…oh, no….he has left my VERY IMPORTANT notebook at the store. Lesson sequence for the next month for AP US History enclosed. Ooops. Another trip. Poor guy.

Now we’re all good. Boys stretching on the sofa with sports. Nick headed off to a movie soonly. Grilled turkey-cheesus on the stove. Good times.


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