Italian Trattoria Bon Voyage

Okay, so I haven’t posted in MONTHS because I’ve been working on my National Board Teacher Certification. Just took my six exams on Thursday, so I finally have time to get back to this–what I really enjoy! This summer’s travel will give me lots of opportunities to post about food & cooking, and this is a start.

So, Hannah is headed to Germany as an exchange student for a year–the fulfillment of an amazing dream for her–and to say Bon Voyage, we hosted an Italian-Trattoria-themed Bon Voyage. Italian because it’s fairly easy to prepare, and because it’s a romantic memory of her trip with her mother to Italy in summer ’10.

I originally intended to have three long banquet tables in the yard with a beverage buffet, but rain in the forecast thwarted those plans! Thank-goodness the rental company allowed me to revamp my rental order at the last minute (because, seriously, there’s NO WAY I had room for 58 chairs in the house!). We converted the garage into a rustic (RUSTIC) bistro, and we converted the menu from hors d’oevres & pastas to heavy hors d’oevres. Fortunately, I made five kinds of italian cookies were made weeks in advance & stored in the freezer, so I didn’t have to think about those…

The *RUSTIC* garage bistro:


Hors d’oevres:

  • Small cups of rotini pasta with shimp in a lemon-cream sauce (with a fork…for standing-room-only consumption).
  • Crostini with goat cheese, carmelized onions & honey
  • Bell peppers stuffed with ricotta, parmesan, baby peas, proscuitto & pine nuts, then baked.
  • Deviled eggs
  • Cured meats
  • Antipasti (roasted bell peppers, olives, artichoke hearts)
  • Boursin & rosemary crackers
  • Walnuts sauteed in olive oil with salt & pepper
  • Crusty bread with rosemary& garlic-infused olive oil for dipping.



  • Apple & Mint Punch
  • Passion-tea Lemonade (just buy the Passion Tea box at Starbucks–the recipe is on the side)
  • Pellegrino with lemons
  • Wine & beer

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