Pizza & salad at Cristiano’s!!!

So, tonight, in the midst of a crazy set of 3-4:30 and 5:30-7:00 meetings, I made the “mom saves the day” detour to Christiano’s in Marysville. It serves all the cravings…salad for Hannah and me, pizza for Nicholas & dad, and fetuccine alfredo for Luke. Man, do they do it WELL!!!

It’s totally crazy… for $9-ish, you get a personal pizza (anything you want, really), and an amazing salad. I always have the Cranberry Mimosa Salad with blue cheese and pistachios. Today, I got Hannah the Mediterranean salad. Both came with pizzas…pepperoni for Nicholas and Chicken-artichoke-garlic for Ben.

The best part? A $2.75 Red Hook while I wait.

Best, yummiest, bargain in town. But there are times when you’ll have to fight your way in for a table.

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