Tapas teaser with Linguiça & Scallops

Scallops in Saffron SauceTwo snow days with no school mid-week MUST culminate in something great, in my book. So, despite my laziness, and with the help of my lovely husband (who ran to the store at the last minute to get linguiça) we had two lovely Tapas plates:   A Salad of Melon, Chroizo & Artichokes alongside Scallops in Saffron Sauce. Both are from Tapas, by Susanna Tee, and both were amazing, particularly accompanied by crusty bread & wine. But where is the linguiça, you might ask?

Oddly, I was raised to call Portuguese sausage “linguiça.” I say “oddly” because during my time in Lisbon, last summer, restaurateurs referred to it as chorizo, and the hosts at the hostel, where we stayed, had never heard the term “linguiça.” At any rate, every culture has it’s sausage, and this one is particularly lovely…much like a chorizo, but richer, I think, mostly because of the garlic and paprika. In Washington, it’s very difficult to find Spanish chorizo. Mexican chorizo is very easy to come by, but it’s not made to cook in its casing because the casing is plastic. Basically, you have to squeeze the sausage meat out like finely ground meat. There’s no way to cook the sausage, without the casing, to get a kielbasa-shaped, sausage-looking link. So, we went for linguiça, which is surprisingly easy to find at the eensy, weensy, local Safeway, and Silva brand, no less!!!!

The balance of light, fruity & salty in the salad with rich, creamy and savory in the scallop dish was perfect for a lazy, snowy, mid-week night. And this happened to be the dinner for my boy’s 15th birthday. He was content to sleep late (remember, it’s a no-school, snow day) and play his new 12-string guitar for hours. Normally, he goes for my TO-DIE-FOR fettuccine alfredo, but this was a great birthday change.

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