How do you get your groove on?

I always listen to music when I cook. In fact, my husband got me an under-cabinet stereo for my cooking corner so I can bury my head and meditate in the culinary process. My collection changes, but there’s always a little Patsy Cline and Rodrigo y Gabriela. Lots of times there’s also Willie Nelson & Jackson Browne…it depends what I’m making and how long I’ll be there. Jamie Cullum, Diana Krall, Count Basie, Francis Cabriel, Fado, Jason Mraz…they’re all part of my cooking mix.

It’s also a way to distract myself from the family noise after a long day when I need some “me” time, in my brain, at least. One night, I wanted to be in the kitchen alone so badly that I thought if I played music very loudly that would annoy my children, they would leave. Willie Nelson. Loud. Louder. Really, really loud. They just talked and hummed and rough-housed all over it. Hmmmm….

So what music gets your groove on in the kitchen?

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