Today my eighth grade colleagues and I attended one of a series of workshops. There are four schools that attend–all the middle schools in the district–and at each workshop a different school is responsible for bringing snacks. The new reality after three years of violent budget cuts is coffee & nothing else. I can live and I’m happy to contribute in order to have a job. Because, seriously, that’s what we’re down to these days…We have to choose between keeping a job and job and helping students learn, and, well, anything else. Like whiteboard markers & sticky notes. Really. I buy my own–really.

This week, it was my school’s turn to bring snacks, and since I luv carbs any time, I LOVE “comfort” breakfast food, and I love bringing indulgent, “oooh,” “ahhhh” food, I turned to Lagasse’s Apple Coffee Cake with Crumble Topping in Brown Sugar Glaze. This is absolutely the most moist, flavorful, decadent coffee cake you will ever taste. Anyone who tries this will ask you for the recipe. Guaranteed.

Me? I only ate two bites. My weight is holding steady after losing my three holiday pounds. Thankfully, making the coffee cake for others was a great excuse for me to eat two small pieces, myself. This brings me to the question…For whom do we cook? I know, I know, I’ve asked this before. But I really wanted to eat this coffee cake and I knew I would never be able to–or want to–eat it all myself. I also want the “oooh”-effect of creating a food experience, whether it’s a cocktail party or an all-day meeting. These events are my excuse to enjoy myself…even if it’s only two bites.

And again I come to the conclusion that I cook for others AND for me. Cooking for others is a fabulous excuse to make great food that I really, really want to eat. So my next wonder is, for whom do write… Hmmm…

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