Any given Sunday…

Yesterday, my husband and I enjoyed a playoff game between the Seahawks & the Saints at Qwest Field….our guys being BIG underdogs. BIG. But, as they say, on “any given Sunday,” anyone can win. And the underdogs did. It was amazing.

And now, in watching Iron Chef America…”Battle Lobster,” between Bobby Flay and Chuck Hughes, I’m reminded of “any given Sunday.” Alton Brown says, “May the best Chef win!” It’s not really the best chef, though; they’re always great chefs. It’s always great food with great preparation. But on “any given Sunday,” given the secret ingredient, the way the day is going for all the chefs, and the way the day is going for the judges, who knows? You would think, with lobster, no one can lose, right? But someone’s gotta lose. That’s the outcome of competition.

So, we’re heading to New England this summer for our family vacation (staying in the US, this year), and at our week-long summer spot in Maine, guess what I’m planning to cook….LOBSTER!!!! Hopefully, it’s “any given Sunday,” everyday, where we are. My plan is to cook great food throughout our trip, at all of our vacation rentals, and lobster will top the chart. Fortunately, I’ll have no competition.

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