Freezer excavation

After several attempts to find things in the freezer, I finally promised my husband I would clean it out, and boy, was I surprised to find many things on my shopping list for future meals. Ciabatta rolls for paninis, boneless chicken breasts and pork loin chops for stir fry meals, petite sirloin steaks, apple streusel muffins and five kinds of block cheese (yes, you can freeze cheese, especially if you plan to shred it for meals). Unbelievable. I also found two cans of apple juice concentrate after thinking I was out and purchasing two more not too long ago.

This reminds me of a family described in a family home magazine, who realized that they had so much “stuff” that they were buying things they already had. And it makes me think how important it is to be aware of our possessions and our consumption through regular purging. Fifty years ago, the conscientious domestic manager would cook based on what’s in the freezer. Now, I’m so busy, and the meditative power of cooking is so therapeutic, that I think about what I want to cook and buy ingredients rather than what I can cook based on the ingredients I already have stored away in the freezer and pantry.

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