Weeding is satisfying…

Weeding is satisfying. Yes, I said it. Weeding is satisfying. Not weed, which probably is equally satisfying. But it's the joy of pulling those little fuckers out of the moist soil after the rainiest April ever (broke records) that is a moment to savor. Last year was the rainiest April, but it has been beaten … Continue reading Weeding is satisfying…


We should all want this FEMINISM

I love my friend, Alex. She is a math teacher, a mother of three, an amazing photographer, and now a designer of unique children's clothing and bonnets. So how does this connect to feminism? I've been reading, in the last couple of weeks, more on the women's rights movement of the 60s-90s. I great up … Continue reading We should all want this FEMINISM

Smoky Southwest Chipotle Nachos…in America

First, I have to say that I am currently trying to fly under the radar with this whole being American thing right now. In fact, throughout our travels this summer EVERYONE with whom we spoke...and I mean EVERYONE. Literally. Every. Single. Person. And news broadcaster. And newspaper writer...EVERYONE expressed their sadness for us and shock … Continue reading Smoky Southwest Chipotle Nachos…in America

Ristorante Orlando in Monteloro: When it feels like home.

I've stumbled around here trying to find a way to express all that I feel about this place, Ristorane Orlando in Monteloro. Should I begin by talking about getting lost? Because sometimes, or maybe more often than not, getting lost is better than finding the destination the first time. Should I begin talking about those … Continue reading Ristorante Orlando in Monteloro: When it feels like home.