On rooflines

Our summer days are just getting going. As teachers, we have the much-earned summer holiday, which along with the school-year holidays is the same length, in total, as in Germany when all weeks are counted; we just get them lumped into fewer time periods, like the summer months. In case you are wondering. Almost every … Continue reading On rooflines


The Pantry Dinner, or…on not wanting to go to the store.

The first thing one must know about me is that I love to go to the store. This is not to say that I love shopping, like, on a Saturday, spending 10 hours canvassing myriad stores for things that I would never had wanted in the first place if I hand't seen them. (But it … Continue reading The Pantry Dinner, or…on not wanting to go to the store.

Smoky Southwest Chipotle Nachos…in America

First, I have to say that I am currently trying to fly under the radar with this whole being American thing right now. In fact, throughout our travels this summer EVERYONE with whom we spoke...and I mean EVERYONE. Literally. Every. Single. Person. And news broadcaster. And newspaper writer...EVERYONE expressed their sadness for us and shock … Continue reading Smoky Southwest Chipotle Nachos…in America